Who can file a complaint?

A complaint can be submitted by any individual or entity who considers that the Public Administration impedes or causes difficulties in the legitimate exercising of their constitutional rights. The Ombudsman service will confirm whether the City Council services has acted correctly or whether an erroneous or arbitrary act has been committed.

A complaint can be submitted to the service when no response or solution has been obtained, after sending a complaint to the body or service involved. A complaint can also be submitted when the answer is not satisfactory, or if the erroneous or arbitrary act committed has been with regard to the application of legal norms.

The matters that the sindica can intervene are almost all the ones that affect the daily life of the citizens: public transport, cleaning, urban landscape, social services, housing, education, environmental health, police, cemeteries, licenses of economic activity, tributes, participation, immigration, urban planning, etc.

The sindica's activity is always confidential. The personal information of the person who files the complaint is reserved. The sindica service is totally free of charge.