What is the institution of the Síndica de Greuges of Barcelona?

The Sindica de Greuges {Ombudsman of Barcelona) is an institution whose role is to defend the rights and public liberties of all citizens of the city, and those who are in the city but are not residents.

It supervise the activities of municipal administration and the public services which depend on the administration.

It's an independent institution. The plenary of the Municipal Council approved the regulation on 21 March 2003, and later, on 19 January 2005 they regulated the complementary aspects. The Ombudsman of Barcelona was elected by the Town Council, proposed by the Mayor, for a period of 5 years.

The síndica of Barcelona, M. Assumpció Vilà i Planas, was elected unanimously, and was nominated on 30 April 2010 for the Plenary. Vilà took office on May 13 2010 to exercise the mandate of supervising the municipal administration in independent and objective 'vay for a period of five years, in replacement of the first sindica of Barcelona, Pilar Malla i Escofet.