How does the Síndica work?

The Sindica de Greuges operates independently and impartially and receives no instructions from any municipal authority.

To carry out its role, the Sindica is able to collaborate with all municipal bodies, including autonomous organisations, societies, companies, consortium, metropolitan organisations and foundations, in which Barcelona city council may be involved.

The Sindica de Greuges acts on request to a complaint submitted by an individual or entity. It can also act on its own initiative, when it considers an investigation is necessary to defend citizens' rights.

The services are free and the presence of a lawyer or solicitor is not necessary.

The complaints doesn't affect the deadlines planned for action to be taken through administrative or legal routes.

The Sindica can supervise action by the municipal administration, formulate advice, recommendations and suggestions which help to resolve the complaint.

In addition, it can offer formulas for reconciliation or agreement, to lead to a rapid and satisfactory resolution of the complaint.